We are the focal point in government on disability issues. We are working toward a vision of New Zealand being a non-disabling society - a place where disabled people have an equal opportunity to achieve their goals and aspirations.

Parents/Whānau/Family Network Meeting - April 19

We received a request to engage with organisations that represent parents/whānau/family of disabled children, so on 19 April 2021 we held the first of these meetings. The purpose of the forum was to provide updates on key disability work programmes and provide an opportunity for parent/whānau/family-led organisations to discuss key issues.
Employment & economic security
Health & wellbeing
Rights protection & justice

Up Down Girl and accessibility in theatre

We spoke with co-director Nathan Mudge and star Lily Harper about the play, and the importance of accessibility in theatre.

These outcome areas will contribute to achieving the vision of the New Zealand Disability Strategy.